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About us

Located right outside Boston Massachusetts, we work with builders, contractors, developers and homeowners alike to bring luxury and comfort to the greater Boston area and beyond. We offer first quality material and design expertise, as well as a one of a kind welcoming atmosphere for an enjoyable and headache free experience.

We strive to make your ideas a reality. We are fully involved with your project from the initial chicken-scratch napkin drawings to the final walk-through. Not only do we provide tile and stone, but we provide everything you may need in between. With supplies like shower systems, floor and driveway heat, and fireplaces, we also work closely with Euroline Kitchens to bring you the finishing touches for your space with cabinets, closets and vanities.


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mosaique surface

The Small Details

Surrounded by tile and stone since her toddler days in her father's store 25 years ago, Hadley's expertise and eye for color and pattern goes beyond the standard. She captures the faintest shades, movements and patterns to pull all aspects of your space together no matter how large.

She understands it may be difficult for some to visualize, but her ability to verbally paint a picture with sizes and patterns is un-matched. She's even got a plethora of design layout ideas to help you achieve the look you want while staying in budget! 

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